I'm still not sure what I think of this email

It certainly got me to open it. Then I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a personal message asking to feature me. But it’s not inaccurate.

What do we think - shady or smart?

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:-1: It’s a thumbs down from me.

I’ve seen a few like that I’m always like wtf.

It is misleading and I can see where they are coming from, but I think these kind of mass mailings/automations go wrong like this. I get annoyed at any email that tries to appear personal when it isn’t, all the hacks in pursuit of optimisation.

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It feels inauthentic, so I’m with @rosiesherry. It might generate engagement short-term, but the enthusiasm wears off quickly.

As a creator on the side, I regularly get emails essentially asking “can you hawk this product for us?” Maybe 10% of them are actual, personal, researched outreaches. The other 90% of them I’m clearly on an email campaign made to look personal. Can you guess which ones I even consider engaging with?

Oh, and what drive me nuts the most about these emails?

The unsubscribe link at the bottom…


Yes, so much this. :persevere:

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That email feels shady.