I just joined a Slack where you could "choose your own adventure"

:raised_hands: Thanks to @maxpete for the ‘choose your own adventure’ title inspiration.

:wave: Hello, my name is Rosie and I like to join communities to have a nosey rosie about. :sweat_smile:

The community in question is design.systems

This community has Slack, Mastadon and a Twitter Community as channels for participation.

I joined their Slack and had to think for a second. I was presented with just three channels: announcements, intros and off topic.

CleanShot 2023-01-16 at 19.33.39@2x

At first, I was confused and then I was like…ahhh, this feels nice.

It actually made me look at the announcements channel which mostly just had occasional updates, but also regular reminders of the guidelines. In this instance, it’s hard not to read the guidelines, whereas normally I would just ignore them.

The fact that I can only introduce myself or go off topic makes me think where are the conversations happening?

And then I get it. I can go and opt in to what is of interest to me. It turns out there are 148 channels, many of them ‘local chapter’ type channels.

But as I’m scrolling I’m feeling thankful not to be forced into the whole overwhelming she-bang of conversations everywhere. And that I should really only opt into the things that interest me.

In addition to that, channels were nicely organised with prefixes of things like:

  • city-[location]
  • tool-[tool name]
  • topic-[name of topic/theme]
  • event-[eventname]

I also note that they have a partner that supports a paid Slack instance to give all the benefits of Slack, nice! (Though I am curious how much this costs for the current 24k members!)

Collaboration ftw!