I have yet to find the right community mgmt/metrics tool

Tbh my first community mgmt/metrics tool was Orbit, and I’ve been using it for the past year.

:teapot: on my personal experience w Orbit: I feel like I do a lot of manual work to save data but I haven’t been able to figure out how to use it to make a variety of informed decisions about the community.

It’s super helpful to help me see if member join rate on Discord or Twitter is low, but…I guess I wish it were easier to know why and act on it. Maybe this is because I still need to learn how to effectively use Orbit a little more.

:person_raising_hand:My question for y’all
Wondering what community mgmt/metrics tool has truly worked for y’all? And when I say it truly worked for you, I mean it became a part of your daily CM routine because it made it easier for you to keep track of & achieve your community-related OKRs.


Honestly, most of my data is still scattered. I know when stuff is working, or not.

I think when communities get bigger or more established is when data becomes more important, the early days are very much about experimentation and lack of consistency.

The ability to see people’s profile history in tools like Orbit, CommonRoom or Commsor is super useful. As is generally pulling in relevant data to make sense over the community over time. I think the usefulness will come in time and as the tools improve too.

Figuring out how to organise the data in a helpful way takes time and thoughtful consideration to implement stuff into community workflows. That is the challenge.

And also, hopefully not just a ‘Rosie’ thing, but we can get so overwhelmed with the day to day stuff that acting upon metrics is often pushed to the side.


“–we can get so overwhelmed with the day to day stuff that acting upon metrics is often pushed to the side.”

100% relatable. Mm, super helpful to know that early days should be about experimentation & lack of consistency. With this in mind, I guess the most important thing to keep an eye on is # of engagement. If you’re resonating with the community, then that probably means they’re talking w or about you.

Wdyt? How do you know when stuff is working?


I think stuff is working when you feel, or know that people are getting value out of the projects you are working. How is it actually helping them to connect, grow and move forward?

Sometimes you can see it from things like getting feedback, seeing people do/use things, other times it can be from data things like user activity, conversations that are tracked, etc.


I totally get what you mean! It’s awesome to have a ton of data, but it’s not very useful if you don’t know what to do with the data. I think it’s hard for the community analytics companies to come up with a feature that would help us figure out what to do with our data. Communities are so different (+ the business models of the companies that run communities are also very different).

It becomes much easier if you decide on one or two metrics that you believe are your north star and then you try to block out the other ‘vanity’ metrics:)