I don't think I can use Discord anymore

Why do they need DMs on Discord? I found out that, other than connecting to moderators, people barely reach out to less than 1% of the other people in a community, through DMs.

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DMs in Slacks are huge, every community I’ve started or been involved in managing has had a huge percentage of DMs happening behind the scenes.


Between you as a moderator, and people, but I’d be surprised if it’s more than 1% between people who are not moderators. If you can do a poll and find out, it would be great to speak real numbers.

Also Slacks for communities, not companies - where employees have to talk to one another unless they’re that guy Joe who’s quit introvert and doesn’t like people. :slight_smile:

I started a new thread - Can you share your stats for your Slack DMs vs Channels?


So, out of curiosity, why Slack (owned now by Salesforce) rather than something a bit more decentralized and ownable-by-you, like Internet Relay Chat (IRC)? There are even a few indie-friendly bots that integrate Slack with IRC.

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Mostly because of the ux and lack of familiarity of signing up to and using other software. I just don’t believe people will end up using it out of lack of habit and lack of willingness to give it a try.

I know I wouldn’t, lol. And often I make decisions by asking myself how I think I would feel about things.

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There is an OSS slack clone you can host on your own servers: https://mattermost.com

I know the PM: https://twitter.com/zef


I agree with this. There’s a network effect with Slack and Discord that reduces the friction of joining and staying engaged with the groups you’re in.

When you have informal community groups on screen next to your company Slack, there’s less context switching in clicking over. Ditto for Discord. If you’re in one server, it’s easy to jump into another one that’s just a click/tap away.

It’s the same reason that emails are so important for, say, a community hosted on Khoros or Discourse. Unless a member has a habit of checking in, you need a forcing function – that email in the inbox – to bring them back.

RE: Issues with Discord – Bit of a tangent here, but it’s funny that so many of the web3 adherents pay lip service to decentralization and anonymity while building everything on Discord, Telegram and Medium. :sweat_smile:


The owner of Slack isn’t ideal, but at least I feel that there is user/data protection for them.

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It was built for gamers. So it just hasn’t converted well for non-gaming communities (even crypto/NFT/etc.), even though Slack also started out for its game. For more professional communities, despite being “free”, it just goes to show why you get what you pay for :joy:

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Outside of my work, tech and community pro circles, I’m seeing some of my friends and family on Discord for hobbies and interests.

My sense is that Discord is to live group chat what Reddit is to async threaded discussions.

Hell, plenty of subreddits have official Discord servers set up for their members.

It’s the forum + IRC combo all over again.


This is so true that it is kinda funny.

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