How was your 2022?

Hey everyone!

I’d love to know how your 2022 went.

  • what was good/bad?
  • what are you happy/sad about?
  • how are you feeling about it?

I’ll drop my round-up in the comments shortly :slight_smile:

:rainbow: My 2022:

  • I quit my job, all kinds of scary at the time, but in hindsight it was totally the right thing
  • I revamped Rosieland and started paid membership from scratch, moving from a custom thing to Ghost.
  • I started The Village
  • I started a Slack for paid members
  • I held a cohort course in May
  • I got a diagnosis of ADHD + Autism…wild :flushed:
  • I got back into hosting events
  • I continued to publish weekly, with small exceptions
  • I reached 250+ lifetime strength training workouts
  • I created a Community Consultants list
  • I started membership for sponsored companies
  • I’ve started making a decent living from Rosieland, still a long way to go and I have high hopes for the future.

It was a solid year of wins and growth lessons! I am sure I forgot some, but here was what was top of mind :slight_smile:

I am happy to celebrate:

  • 1 year at SuperHi

  • Starting a freelance community consulting business on the side

  • Starting my blog on Substack

  • Speaking on 10+ podcasts/events

  • Joining Rosieland :slight_smile:

  • Getting connected to Common Room and the wonderful team there!

  • Launching 16+ new event programming at SuperHi

  • Getting nominated for Education Community Professional of the year

  • Joining Danielle’s small group community support sessions and having her as my coach!

  • Getting connected to so many awesome community people this year, honestly made my year!

Lessons Learned

  • Less is more, no need to go full speed all of the time

  • Resting is needed and should be more a part of my work routine

  • Community can be extremely personal but learning how to unplug from it when I am away. Getting out of the mentality of having it “all be on my shoulders”

  • Finding passions outside of community such as music!


I am happy to celebrate

  • I recovered from burnout (I spent 5 months not working);
  • I started in a job that paid double;
  • Joined Rosieland and finally found a place to learn (as a person that study by himself, here is paradise);
  • I made my first 6 digits as Community Strategist.
  • I was featured as Community Consultant on Facebook Blueprint and became a Meta Specialist for Meta Certified Community Manager Item Develop Workshop.
  • Personal goal, but I started again to dance ballet and jazz. It is so good to be back.

Lessons learned

  • Process means time. Time is crucial to things’ shape and you become a better person.
  • Looking for the answers that you need to listen to, don’t look for answers that you want to listen to.