How to re-engage community members?

Sometimes, communities grow so much and so quickly that you can feel that contact is lost with some community members. What could we do as community managers to re-engage with those members?


No strategy is better than reaching out to the members and speaking to them. It’s not just about the insights we get about their needs for the community but about us showing them that we’re invested in them. Showing your members that you care is half of the rent😊

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Some thoughts off the top of my head:

  • it’s ok to let people go in a community, we are all on a journey
  • cleaning things up, getting rid of ‘community debt’ is always something worth doing
  • create some strategies to reach out in different ways, e.g. do special emails, try one by one, consider segmenting members
  • can you find these people and engage with them where they are? ie - build up relationships outside of the community directly?
  • ask them why they haven’t come back, maybe with an email.

The other option is to just not worry about it and focus on those who are engaging to elevate them the best you can.

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I’m curious as to how you show people the door that aren’t a good fit for the community. :thinking:

Apparently this post has to be 100 words, so hopefully this gets it over the line.

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DELETING them helps. :rofl:

In a practical sense, it’s removing people who aren’t active anymore. Or having policies in place with what you do with longstanding and inactive members. I’m guessing many of them will naturally drift away.

This doesn’t necessarily address the people ‘who are not a good fit’. One angle is to try not to attract them in the first place (e.g. over promote your community).

Another option is to not pay attention to them. Sometimes they are attention seekers, if they lose attention then they end up leaving.

Or maybe making sure their posts don’t get extra visibility.

I’d love to explore this more.

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I think it’s more of a challenge for older communities. I see people running a forum for 15+ years and the purpose of the community has changed over time, so what used to be tuned in and positive members feel out of place in the community they have been part of for a decade or more. There is friction there that is not easy to solve.