How to create deal database for community members

Hey hey, lovely people :wave:

I am building an online coworking space & creating a community around it.

Planning to add a database of deals with productivity software tools

Had a few questions as I plan the way to go about it:

  1. What’s the easiest and fastest way to collect these discounts/deals?
  2. Is reaching out to individual companies the way to go? Or is it a pain?
  3. Do you usually get affiliate income out of these deals if your community members subscribe with your link/code?

Thank youuu :pray:


Hey Val!

We have a ‘Perks’ section in our community hub that we share with ou members. It is built in Notion and that is where we house the database of different perks and discounts that our partners offer to our community.

Currently, we aren’t taking a commission or referral fee per sign-up (but that isn’t a bad idea at all!)

We also have to reach out to each company individually which does take time. However, if you build a template that you can use, it makes the process go a lot faster.

Good luck with this!

Oh, that’s great - thanks a lot.

Yes, affiliate income could work well if the partner has a double-sided programme.