How many of us are introverted?

I’m introverted, I have a theory that extroverted people don’t like forums, curious to see…

I’m an…

  • Introvert
  • Extrovert
  • Ambivert

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I am definitely an introvert, but I confess that I don’t just like forums, I like all forms of textual communication.


Text based communication has increased my social life without increasing my social life it’s the best lol


I use to call myself introverted, but these days it’s more than that.

I think I am, but I’m also Autistic + ADHD, and that has a lot to do with how I engage with people. As a result, I think and feel I prefer online more, with the occasional in-person stuff (that I really do love, in small doses).


Does online communication help you build relationships more effectively, would you say?

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Yes, online definitely helps. Thank god for the internet!

I definitely struggle in group scenarios, but I feel ok in groups that I organise…lol…go figure!

Text based, curating, logging, sharing knowledge, less algorithms…are all the kind of things that I wish more of in the world.


I’m an extrovert and I love me a good forum.

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Also can you add a poll? Would be curious if that boosts engagement.

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Haha, me too.

Depending on how Rosie has the edit window set, @catsarebetter should be able to edit a poll into the OP.


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Ah I checked it out, it doesn’t have the build poll option :frowning:

I’m trying to find where to adjust settings, and for the life of me I can’t find where to add the polls option.

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I’m definitely introverted and I find talking to people in person for a long time very exhausting to the point where I feel I have to shut out everything.

If I spend a few days with my team when meeting up, I’ll burn through all my social energy within a few days and I’ll feel drained for days after.

Although I do think that many people who are introverted had some form of trauma at a young age and spend a lot of energy trying to read cues from other people to determine their mood and intentions which can be exhausting if maintained for hours and days.


Hey there Rosie :wave:

As an admin, can you search for “polls” in your settings to confirm they are enabled?

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Thanks, I’m blind as a bat sometimes!

It was enabled, but maybe it was the user rating that caused the restriction.

@catsarebetter - I edited in a poll for people to vote…I also added ‘ambivert’ as an option. :blush:


Thanks Rosie, appreciate the effort!

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Interesting … totally identify with this

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Hmm, how do you know if you’re an ambivert or introverted/extroverted in different contexts?

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I voted ambivert. A bit of a guess…but I love my time alone, but I love being with people in very specific situations, like in communities that I run, hah.

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I previously called myself an introvert (I ran a blog and podcast for creative introverts - INFP and INFJ personality types - for 3 years), but for me it’s more than that, too - I’m highly sensitive/an empath.

For me it’s contextual (time of year, the people I’m with, where I am…), though I for sure am most comfortable/can manage my energy best/can be myself in 1:1 and smaller-group settings.

And yes, I love forums and slower forms of comms (someone recently told me that I was the first person to tell them that my preferred form of communication was email). But then, I also love connecting IRL, and with voicenotes, too.

I’m wonderfully complex. I have ADHD traits (undiagnosed). Or maybe it’s because I’m a gemini. Or, simply a human being.


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Oh god what even is an introvert :rofl: I mean I can be very loud and outgoing but being around lots of people drains my energy something fierce. A lot of that I can put down to ADHD stuff, now I know I have it.

On reading back, hmmm I can see that linking up with my liking online communication, I hadn’t joined those two dots before :slight_smile: .

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