How have you gained traction in your community?

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I’m here to help y’all inspire each other with ideas on how to gain traction in your community.

What has worked for you in the past?

How have you gained traction in your community?

— Rosie Sherry (@rosiesherry) June 14, 2022

Think about your members:

  • Good member acquisition
  • Who do you actually want in the room?
  • Go for quality over quantity

Creating value:

  • Putting the focus more on member generated value.
  • By providing consistent value
  • Maintaining a high signal to noise ratio, which establishes a space members want to return to
  • Releasing the software that normally costs thousands of dollars a month as free and open source
  • Give the community something they see value in doing rather than something they may view as generic

Being helpful and active

  • Lots and lots of time spent answering questions in the forum
  • Highlighting users who use our software
  • Answering qs honestly about our software’s limits
  • Engaging with members to help bring clarity to their inquiries
  • Celebrate community wins & provide a space for members to do the same
  • Engaged with readers
  • Onboarded them manually
  • Tagging people in chat
  • Celebrating community wins
  • Crazy amount by of time spent in answering questions
  • make it easy to participate
  • listen to people
  • share people’s content
  • connect people based on things in common
  • curate content


  • rectifying knowledge into docs
  • by being myself and writing for myself primarily, then some people have really resonated with how I word things
  • Created content that solved their core problems
  • Aligning Calls-to-Action that are relevant to the community.

Habits and consistency

  • Consistency has been key for us, especially since our community is of students and alumni, creating a habit for them has been worth it!


  • Shared it in relevant/similar communities
  • Follow people of interest
  • Comment on people of interest content
  • Attend events
  • Build your network

Community discovery

  • Define your niche
  • Talk to people
  • Understand where people are struggling

Community design

  • what do your people need?
  • what are they asking for?
  • what do you do or don’t do in the community?
  • what do you want to be known for?

Creating community rules

  • Paid membershsip
  • Require participation
  • Be strict with what people can or cannot do