How do you design for a support community?

I saw this post by @evanhamilton on LinkedIn.

Fascinating point someone made recently: support community home pages are actually probably more likely to be used by existing power users than new users.

Most traffic for support communities comes from Google results, driving them directly to posts (which is why you really need to think about how your post pages welcome people in).

For a long time I just felt like the home page was low value, but the idea that this is where power users navigate to makes a ton of sense. What should we do with this information? How do you design a landing page for superuser?

If support communities have most contributions by their power users, what springs to mind when designing for support communities?

(Trying) to put myself in their shoes, I think I would want:

  • access to latest info easily (workshops, events, blog posts, top forum posts)
  • where I stand overall to the community
  • opportunities to meet other power users
  • if itโ€™s related to a profession, opportunities to up my skills or make money
  • to be highlighted across the community for my efforts (home page, emails, social media, podcast invites)
  • be able to find out easily what other power users are contributing (directly within the community, or even outside, they might have a blog or been on Twitter, for example)
  • educational articles based on forum posts that have been super helpful

What else?

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