How can we make it easier to keep the community up to date on 'all the things'?

I came across Pulse — a tool meant for teams looking to try to communicate things better.

It made me wonder how this could apply to community.

Keeping up to date with communities can be overwhelming. Are there any good strategies of things we could be doing to better communicate and save people time about all the things going on?

A penny for your thoughts. :slight_smile: :coin:


I think most forums should always curate their best content and present it in an easy place to find. If the platform has a ‘more like this’ section then it is an entry point to similar discussions and beyond.

Likewise, newsletters are good for picking the best stuff to gently pull people back in.

In terms of unifying multiple communities, that’s a tough one without an external tool and the desire to use it.


The desire to use it is key there - not just from the managers of the community to use the tools effectively, but community members themselves as well. It’s easy to implement a tool or platform, bet getting folks to use it is often a different story.


Yep. I’m terrible for this. I have a to-do app I rarely use and Pocket which I rarely use. Both of which were downloaded with much excitement as to how they will improve my life.