How can members support or contribute to the community?

Communicating how members can support the community is not only helpful for the members, but also as the community managers it’s helpful to put these things into words.

Feel free to add other examples to this thread.

From Deviant Art

How can I support the community?

Aside from showing the love by adding comments and creating collections of favourites featuring the community’s inspiring art, there are other things you can do to go above and beyond.

The next time you’re on a deviant’s Profile, take note of the “Give” button!

This little gift icon will allow you to make someone’s day just a little brighter!

You can:

Ministry of Testing

What Do You Currently Contribute to the Ministry of Testing Community?

Here are five lists of how you can contribute to Ministry of Testing and the testing community. Some actions may seem trivial, but they all add up to being important and help create a valuable community where people feel they belong.

If you’re looking to become a more active community member, it’s important to establish what you’re already doing. Use the lists below to check off what you currently do. You might find you’re happy with your contribution level. Or you might identify a new contribution goal!


  • Present at TestBash
  • Run a 99 Minute Workshop
  • Give a Masterclass talk
  • Write an article
  • Give an Ask Me Anything webinar
  • Create a Feature Spotlight
  • Give a 99 Second Talk at TestBash
  • Guest on a podcast


  • Attend an in-person or online event
  • Take part in 99 Minute Workshop
  • Join a chat during an event
  • Attend an in-person or online meet-up
  • Read articles and blog posts
  • Watch talk recordings
  • Take courses and workshops
  • Take part in a 30 Day Challenge
  • Take part in community curriculum initiatives


  • Share a problem on The Club forum or chat
  • Record and share how you completed a Testing Challenge
  • Share a video on a social platform
  • Share someone’s blog post with team members
  • Ask a question during a webinar
  • Answer a question on The Club forum or chat
  • Share an idea in its infancy to spark conversations
  • Join Bloggers Club and share your blog posts
  • Gather and share lists of useful content, people and knowledge


  • Review abstract proposals
  • Volunteer at an event
  • Offer feedback on The Club forum or chat
  • Like a Club, Tweet or LinkedIn post
  • Call out edge-lords and spammers. Suggest “We don’t do that here; you could try this instead…”
  • Donate community contribution fees to the Ministry of Testing Scholarship fund
  • Sponsor an event and/or member
  • Help someone who is unsure how to do something with the community
  • Send someone a hug emoji when they’re having a tough day
  • Remind people that community contribution can work on their terms.
  • They can step away and come back at any time.


  • Introduce two people to each other (with respect to both parties’ individual privacy and permission).
  • Point people in a helpful direction
  • Celebrate community members and encourage others to join in
  • Reshare when someone is looking for a new job
  • Ask someone you know to hang out
  • Tell people about Ministry of Testing!