How are you helping your community solve problems that matter?

I’m trying to think of community in terms of having problems to solve, my theory is that if we focus more in this instead of ‘engagement’, then hopefully we can create more impact.

I think chat, conversations, forums, etc will likely always be part of the picture, I just kind of think that most communities over emphasise on them, or perhaps lack focus on the problem aspect.

I asked this on Twitter, but I realise I should have perhaps phrased it a bit better.

What is the problem your community is trying to solve?

— Rosie Sherry (@rosiesherry) August 15, 2022

I am curious about the problem, or problems, but I’m perhaps even more interested in the ‘how’ of solving them.

So, for example, at Ministry of Testing, I felt there were many problems, but ultimately my heart was set on creating a more modern and creative software testing industry.

The how was through discussions, understanding trends, meetups, conferences, content, publications, training courses, a job board and a general strong community vibe.

But I don’t think that even covers it clearly. It’s not just doing those things, it’s identifying that they need doing. That there is a gap. And perhaps there is a specific style or way of going about it.

I’m throwing this out there, to see who bites. :shark:

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