[Hot Tip] Use audio notes in your Slack community

One thing that we’ve started doing in our Rosieland paid Slack are audio notes, and it’s been fun so far, even if I’ve only just started doing it today. :sweat_smile:

So far I’ve sent a mixture of:

  • welcomes
  • thanks you’s
  • reminders
  • and generally just continuing discussions

It really creates more depth to the relationships and two pieces of feedback that stuck out so far:

  • “I kept meaning to catch up with someone, calls are sometimes hard to co-ordinate, audio messages are so much easier.”
  • “audio is so much easier sometimes, especially as my day is full of typing.”

Has anyone tried this and have stories to share?


This is awesome! I’ve started experimenting with audio posts in my community and the results have been great. I’ve also found that video posts work really well for welcomes and intros.


I’ll do some video posts too, I feel it’s a great confidence booster, though I do love hiding behind audio.