Hi I'm Ben, founder and community novice

…looking for ideas and advice from those more experienced!

I believe that digital self-awareness matters, and, if people could understand the story their online activity reveals to others, they would start to think differently about privacy.

I’m developing Visible, a way for people to see how they appear to people and algorithms online and to protect the online safety and security of themselves and their families.

I want Visible to be a community driven, build-in-public business and trying to fathom how to bootstrap this process.

I’d love to speak to anyone who shares an interest in what we are doing? Please do reach out to me :slight_smile:

bye for now,

:globe_with_meridians: London, UK
:snail: We’re right at the beginning of our community journey
:cloud: https://www.visible.cx


Welcome Ben.

I’m curious, how do I appear online? I’d love to see examples to understand better what you are working on.

Thanks Rosie - it’s early days at the moment, but we have some visuals in a type form survey we’ve thrown together to help understand what folks care about the most and therefore how we might focus effort on community building. https://vsbl.typeform.com/to/vQXvmlNz There are some visuals in there not on our website.


I was also looking through the list of consultants you have - wondering who might be a good fit for us?

Hey Ben!
I might be a bit late in this response.
I would highly recommend you check out the Partially Redacted community by SkyFlow, those people are focused on privacy/ data. And I would highly recommend you reach out to Sean Falconer, he is the head of marketing and is running the entire strategy for this community. He has a really unique background and might be able to help you.

Hope this helps!