Hello, I'm James

:wave: wotcha
:sun_behind_small_cloud: I’m interviewing for a very “me shaped” community role next week
:globe_with_meridians: West Norwood, London, UK
:snail: Ready to call myself a community professional
:cloud: @jaCattell on Twitter, otherwise cattell.com


Love this. Why are you ready now? What has changed?

Also, do you have more info on the 3Ps?


Why now? It’s mainly imposter syndrome - I often forget I’ve been doing community manager work for years, and doing it well.

I did some freelance community work for the first time this year which boosted my confidence, and I’m interviewing for a fascinating role in the defence and security sector on Wednesday.

There’s more on people, programme and platforms in the guidance I published on GOV.UK, when I did my first paid community role in 2014.

Here are direct links to the guidance sections:

I like the simplicity of things that come in threes :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome James! I’m a casual Anglophile and I hadn’t heard “wotcha” before! Thank you for introducing it to me. :grin:

I wish you the very best of luck on the interview. :sparkles:

And alliteration? :wink:


Woah! This is great stuff. Had no idea there was a community development guide buried in the UK government website.

(Unrelated, as a Canadian, I’m often envious of the UK government’s web presence, versus digging through our gnarled mess of sites. :weary:)