Ghost + Cove for community engagement?

This one’s for all the Ghost users in the room…

(@rosiesherry, looking at you!)

Have you played with Cove at all?

I’m dabbling with Ghost on a new project. For member engagement, I’m torn between using Cove or directing members somewhere else – like a Discourse forum – and trying to sync user profiles.

Any thoughts would be :heart_on_fire:

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The big drawback I see of using Cove is that it’s a hosted comments-as-a-service platform. You don’t own your content, and you are out a monthly fee. For those of us who are using Ghost self-hosted for our projects, we’d look to extend the open source / self-hosted options primarily for control.

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Ah, I missed that part — thought it was a similar setup to WordPress plugins (data lives on your install, but you’re paying for support/updates/feature enablement).

Good to know. :+1:


When I looked into it I missed that part about Cove. However, I had already set up Discourse and it just didn’t make sense to sign up to another service when I could integrate it with Discourse.

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Agreed, given the data ownership piece, I’d do the same. Are you self hosting both?

I used it a bit when I was playing around with Ghost. I liked it, but realistically there wasn’t many options a couple years ago with Ghost, not sure if that’s changed.

I think Dan(?) still owns it/runs it as an indie business, I think he builds it and some other stuff in public.