Experiences with Twitter Communities: as a creator and as a member?

I’m of course, a part of Rosie’s community on Twitter (I think it was my first one) and am trying to understand how everyone here uses this feature that I haven’t been able to quite crack yet.

I want to understand your experiences:

  • as someone that started a twitter community (goals when you started, inputs, and outcomes
  • as someone that joined a twitter community (how you discovered, why you joined, what has activity/engagement from your part been like?)

My aim with this is to explore Twitter communities and make one for Indian Indie Music to have all indieheads from the country on Twitter in one place. It’s something I’m passionate about and would love to know more people there, because they could also potentially be members of the music community I run on an app!


Link to the Rosieland Twitter Community (for reference for others).

I think Twitter Communities has only recently been opened up to all. It’s far from perfect and has plenty of issues and bugs, but I like where it is heading. I see improvements being made every week and they are working on a number of new things.

The latest one I’ve seen is combining Spaces with Communities. And I do believe we continue to see useful updates in the coming months.

The biggest pro at the moment is meeting people where they are. It doesn’t take as much effort for people to show up and it’s probably ideal either for brands or for focusing on themes.

I’ve seen a few specific communities like ‘Marketing Twitter’ or ‘Tech Twitter’ set up as communities.

It’s also just great for practicing conversing and sharing things to see what resonates.