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Come say hello and introduce yourself!

Introduce yourselves!

:wave: Hello, Bonjour. Allo :wave: Xup
:sun_behind_small_cloud: There’s this light in people’s eyes when a fundamental behaviour gets changed or impacted. I loved it and still do. Love it so much that I began developing softwares. Loved it also that I began creating environments for those ideas to come up more often and have people share theirs. So I love community management, especially connecting people and their various experiences. That excites me.

Like I saw in @Oshyan’s intro, community management has actually followed me in various steps of my career and life outside that. Glad to be able to focus on it now.

:globe_with_meridians: GMT+1 :rofl:

:snail: Making bigger moves and connecting/discussing with people as a Community Manager. Writing an article a day on Community Management.

:cloud: Twitter: @BellOmuboye, Medium: @BellOmuboye Discord: Bell Omuboye #0201

Huge shout-out to Rosie Sherry who has been one of my loveliest connections on Twitter as well as instrumental in my community management knowledge. Glad to join this community and looking forward to contributing to it and others too.