Employer pre- hire communities

I would love your thoughts on our hiring community tool- we have customers like roblox, Robinhood and amazon using this now.

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@Andrea can you give us a bit more context? What is a hiring community tool?

My first reaction to this was: β€˜oh my, this could be so much work for people who are looking for jobs.’

Lots of people applying for jobs often have to undergo so much, do tests, devs often do code tests.

But one angle that could be interesting is that people who perhaps don’t do so well in interviews could have the opportunity to shine within a community context. Maybe they communicate really well, or are very helpful or knowledgable.

So instead of the younger generation going to university, they could hang out in communities, participate, do courses, become an expert, etc. Employers could then create a strategy around this to work with and hire these people.