🌶 devrel as an industry has over indexed on content creation because of metrics

This spicy take comes from Taylor Barnett:

hot take: devrel as an industry has over indexed on content creation.

spicy take: it is because of metrics.

— Taylor Barnett (@taylor_atx) August 8, 2022

Some responses, copied over from the responses, include things like:

  • this is why you shouldn’t trust anyone pushing metrics driven devrel
  • I would boil it down to just being objectively reportable. Having a really good conversation with a user cant easily be reported up. n blog posts can, sadly.
  • Depends on your goals? It’s worked well where I’m at. But yes it is a lot easier to pull metrics for content than a lot of other things DevRel people can do, and I’m sure that’s why some people focus on it so much.
  • Nuclear take: devrels are overindexed on being able to do cool shit that isn’t connected to revenue because somehow that’s dirty
  • (where is the data coming from?) just based on what I’m hearing from a lot of different teams. but based on the response to this, it feels like a lot of people are feeling the same thing.
  • It could be worse. We could be indexing on revenue touched or account signups.
  • 1000% yes. But also, content can be scaled more easily and more cost effectively than other efforts (but again, likely because metrics are easier to track and justify by more directly seeing ROI on a dashboard).
  • Lots of that content is amazing! I am learning so much with video content, especially on topics I can’t go deep on but need working knowledge of.
  • Great take. Of course if community education is a primary goal, content is entirely appropriate as a way of educating. But it is impersonal and often metric-driven.
  • You could also say pre-pandemic devrel was over indexed on in-person
  • (What should we index on?) I think it really depends on what the goals are within community, product, or content.