Deviant Art has a Community Operations department

I spotted this one as I was exploring Deviant Art.

It has a community operations department.

What is DeviantArt Community Operations?

DeviantArt’s Community Operations Department is dedicated to providing a high standard of community development and encouraging innovative and creative opportunities within the community.

Areas which we are responsible for include:

  • Providing community support and assistance via the Help Desk.
  • Developing and enacting policies that include copyright concerns, inappropriate content issues, and other violations.
  • Providing open communication and learning through events and updates.

Our department drives an environment where deviants can come together and be empowered within and by the community.

We believe that community development is not a department, it’s an approach which helps people to recognize and develop their ability to reach their potential.

By providing this organized, motivated, accountable, and effective department, we are leading the way for deviants to continue participating in a way which they feel valued and inspired.

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