Design for Belonging: How to Build Inclusion and Collaboration in Your Communities

I spotted this via @Ece, and it reminded me I have some notes on this book to dig up too.

Last year I attended a fantastic workshop by Susie Wise about her book via CreativeMornings

:open_book: “Design for Belonging: How to Build Inclusion and Collaboration in Your Communities.”

The workshop was incredibly value-packed, and I decided to dive into her book immediately.

This BEAUTIFUL book (you have to see the illustrations yourself) :heart_eyes: introduces a holistic community-building framework centred on 3 chapters: Feeling, Seeing and Shaping Belonging.

And “Moments of Belonging” are presented in the “Seeing Belonging” part —a perfect guide for mapping a community strategy, a workshop or an event agenda.

:love_letter: The Invitation: Send out crystal-clear, purposeful invitations that strike a chord with diverse audiences, making everyone feel welcome.

:door: Entering: Establish a positive tone from the get-go, making sure everyone feels like they belong as soon as they arrive.

:raising_hand_woman: Participating: Get everyone engaged by checking in, inviting reflections, and fostering an inclusive environment.

:brain: Code Switching: Recognize the challenges of adapting between cultural contexts and strive to make your community more inclusive.

:writing_hand: Contributing: Celebrate contributions from all members, recognizing and valuing their unique input.

:ocean: Flowing: Create spaces where members can immerse themselves in community activities, secure in the knowledge that they’re a vital part of the group.

:speech_balloon: Dissenting: Encourage diverse opinions and open dialogue, embracing dissenting views as a valuable opportunity for growth.

:wrench: Repairing: Offer safe spaces for addressing any discomfort or issues, ensuring your community remains supportive and nurturing.

:wave: Leaving and Diverging: Applaud the unique paths of your members and design your community to accommodate different life stages and learning styles.

Strongly recommend checking her work here: Design for Belonging Design for Belonging

And mine via Rosieland + Notion:

If you’ve read the book, let us know any thoughts or takeaways from it!