Creator Legal Enforcement

Some communities are topical and built-around discussions. Others, though, are Creator-led communities, built around fans supporting the ideas (usually, the artwork, writing, and music of one or more core ‘Creators’). In the past, I have used expensive law firms to prevent my content from being plagiarized, copied, or derivated across the web. But surely, there must be more economical ways for Creators to enforce their intellectual property rights today.

How do Creator-led communities protect their creations, legally? What have you seen, and what would you recommend to a Creator?

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Creative Commons licensing springs to mind, though I always get a bit confused about which one to select.

Also, copying will always happen. I always try to take it as a compliment and ignore it. It can become a huge distraction.

That is not a great answer from me, it’s definitely a thing that is important, and it would be great to have a template for (just like there are many Code of Conduct templates).