Community x E-commerce [Notes + Recording]

Last week we held an open discussion about ‘Ecommerce and Community’.

:writing_hand: We took some imperfect collaborative notes as we went along (see below)
:tv: Watch the recording (first couple of minutes didn’t record)
:pray:t4: Thanks to Rebecca and Zya for their time and support for this.
:wave: Ping me if you’d like to lead or co-host sessions and anything community related

  1. Where is ecom today?
  • It’s slow
  • Community is not on the mind of ecom
  • They are starting to pay attention because of ad costs
  • Best bet is to perhaps break even on ad spend
  • Platforms are reliant on ads
  • Companies are reliant on ads too
  • Maybe they should do data driven marketing
  • Community is not a conversation on their minds yet
  • They’re more focus on the marketing and increasing their margins
  • Data driven Marketing
    • You don’t need reach everyone
    • It’s broad, too broad
    • Understand the data, and apply it into a marketing strategy, more focussed on the analytics. Instead on the creative side
    • Do the marketing based on the numbers.
    • Find the niches within the niches, and target it. Super specifically
    • Now communication channel and exposure l is a commodity (?)
  • Community and Data as X factors into the Ecom
    • You can’t annoy people, you have to work with them
    • Get to know them, then data
    • We all have something to give, the trouble is we struggle to find the people to give/sell to
    • Data to know them.
    • Data allows you to make a better customer journey
  • Brands
    • They try to be in customers heads, building the psychological side of being in their lives
    • Brand has felt like marketing and promotion, not necessarily community
    • Minis as an example: there are barriers everywhere, Minis has cars, Web 3 has NFTs, DAOs
    • Classic Mini have rallies (?)
    • Transitive trust between brands
  1. Examples of brand communities:
  • Car meets, Mini, Harley Davison, Jeeps, Tesla
  • Babipur
  1. Discord…
  • It brings people together to talk about brands
  • But also people are talking about brands everywhere
  1. Communities on web2, why they’re so behind web 3 (lol) :eyes:
  • Web 2 is mass access
  • There haven’t been opportunities to engage with brands, not properly anyway, it’s all via support, social media
  1. How to show brands that they need communities? How to communicate the message?
  • Give examples, show examples, good practices
  • When they see the results, they will get going
  • Brands are interested in the money.
  • They are already doing a lot to get the clients, but there are other effective methods that could even increase retention
  1. What brands do you buy? And do they have community?
  • Sweaty Betty
  • Lulu
  • Lots of stuff from Babipur
  • Moleskin
  • Apple :apple:
  1. How can brands create meaningful experiences for people?
  • Community brings people together for a reason, not just buy from you. :heart:
  • Experience products together.
  • Communities, fandoms, networks, audience
    • Not everyone wants to be part of a brand community, maybe they just want to… buy from you.
  1. We can be scared of the transactional nature, we don’t have to be.
  2. Ecommerce companies could do better to be tuned into the community
  3. Smaller companies have a great opportunity to nurture their people
  4. Relational focus vs. transactional. This requires keeping the focus on your community, and being part of it.
  5. This is from a book (The Cluetrain Manifesto) that’s so old if it was alive it would be in college, but the idea that ‘markets are conversations’ feels like an apt metaphor to staying attuned with and engaged with the community
  6. 2nd hand markets for brands is a place for communities thrive
  7. I’m wondering when the Ecom / DTC folks start making community we brings to get a minimum viable community through collaboration around a similar avatar (Clint)
  8. Community as a word of mouth booster

Some ideas we wanted to cover but didn’t:

  • Are they really communities, or fandoms, networks?
  • Ecom vs Web3 growth and scaling
  • How is ecom different from other types of communities?
  • What’s exciting about ecom x community?
  • What are some good examples of ecommerce communities?