Community tools that help to prove the value of community to other departments

Every community is different and I just don’t think we’re at a stage yet where a single product can prove a community’s ROI

In the meantime though… what are some great community tools that sell the value of community to other departments within a company (like the product/marketing/hr teams)?


Oh, this is such a great question.

I think tools like Orbit, CommonRoom, Commsor, and Dots — focus on the data and metrics. I think these in time will become useful, but it’s still very early days.

I like the angle that we should be thinking about ‘selling community’, as a mindset at least.

I’m a bit stuck for answers on this one, but one thing I do like to do is use Slack or Notion to communicate what we do in community. The successes, wins, losses.

In Notion I’ve called it a Commuity Diary. I have a half done template that I need to finish off!


I love Community Diary!

I think a document that just makes the community digestible for product/marketing teams is a big step forward.

Everyone loves insights from the community, but no one (except the community manager) wants to sift through a thousand conversation to find the gold

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Gold is the keyword there.

There is gold in community (at the end of the rainbow, of course) and it is our job as an industry to surface that gold. Tools, action and processes will help and hopefully get better in time.

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The scary bit is that time attributed to take the time to resurface old gold is never high - because deptts. seem to think this is just a regular feature of our days.

Like we should just have all information handy because it cant possibly be that hard to maintain, but there’s so much going on constantly, it’s not particularly possible.

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