Community / Social Strikes and Blackouts

I’m not seeing people sharing about the Reddit Blackouts, so thought I’d post here:

There’s a blackout for Reddit coming:

And a strike at Stackoverflow

An in general, with Twitter…people are leaving and opting for places like Bluesky.

Perhaps change is coming, I for one hope that it comes in the form of not supporting these mammoth beasts and opting to create our own little imperfect communities on the internet.

Adding extra things happening:

I think we’ll see some splintering, but the majority of people will stick with major platforms because of their familiarity, usability, and discoverability.

The Reddit app isn’t great, but it’s good enough. I switched to it from Apollo sometime last year. The discussions and content keeps me coming back.

Likewise for Facebook. I detest so many aspects of Facebook Groups, but I’m also in a whole bunch of them. Neighbourhood groups, parenting groups, hobby groups, etc.

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