Community Second Brain

:information_source: This is a wiki post that anyone can contribute to. The goal is to co-create a very useful collective resource.

A second brain is…

…building a “second brain” is about creating a system – outside your physical skin-and-bone bodily boundaries – for storing, organising, and eventually transforming information. (via Maggie Appleton)

Tiago Forte has also been leading the space with the idea of a Second Brain.

What is a Community Second Brain?

So, from a community perspective… (a quick attempt at a definition)

A Community Second Brain is about creating a physical/digital space for collaboratively storing, organising and eventually transforming information.

Community Second Brains:

  • require rules, guidelines and moderation.
  • need maintenance
  • promotion and marketing to the people
  • should probably work on being optimised for search engines
  • seek feedback and ideas

Tools for Community Second Brains

  • Discourse is a forum with great wiki like features
  • Wikis
  • A shared website/blog

References for Community Second Brains

Examples of community second brains: