Community Profile Pages / Website Builders

Indie Hackers release a very MVP version of what they are calling profile pages.

And here is my page:

I’m curious to see where this goes. I can see this potentially becoming a great revenue generator where a small fee per month/year is charged to build a micro website of what you are working on.

Having a quick place to log my current activities has actually been one of my challenges recently. Where I have a bunch of micro, small, medium and large projects, but no one clear place to list them. I’ve had it on my list to spin up a page, but perhaps this would be easier and more aligned to who I am.

And I guess the genius of it is that if people link to it, then it will naturally end up promoting the Indie Hacker community and perhaps also getting the all in important inbound links.

What I am left thinking wondering is that this is a common SaaS idea, but implemented within community. We need more of this for the communities we build.