Community member symbols and descriptions

I’m going down a rabbit hole with Deviant Art atm, it’s been around 20+ years and has some interesting things going on there. It’s a community we don’t talk about enough!

One such thing are ‘member symbols’ that very much tie into the community and who they are.

If you could name different types of people and members in your community, what would you name them?

Profile symbols to indicate member types are located beside the username and offer a fast way to identify members including Core Members and staff!

Hover over a symbol to learn what it is, and click on the symbol to view the menu.
Deactivated and banned usernames cannot be clicked, and deviants who do not belong in any of the above groups do not have any special symbols.

Lovely topic! DeviantArt is great. Another of my favorite naming systems is from ArsTechnica comments in forums. It’s adorable: They use cute Latin-styled tags and names, like “Ars Scholae Palatinae” mixed with something like “Smack-Fu Master, in training.” It’s also an older institution with a very healthy community.