Community member gifts

I am planning a Top Community Member gift to do once a month. I’d be rotating what physical and digital gifts we buy for each winner, and try to pick something out that suits their needs as a photography business owner.

I’m wondering if others are doing this type of thing, and if so, how are you sharing the winner in your communities in a way that encourages other community members to engage more and potentially win the next month.

For someone with a background in sustainability, our aim was to always avoid “physical” gifts as such, and give a lot of thought into anything considering all impacts (social, economic, environmental) and considering what the lifecycle of the item might be. Digital gift cards are a good idea as individuals can purchase something they actually need.

Same as @HellyWelly93.

While we do bust out merchandise for certain programs, we try to keep it digital as much as possible. Usually that’s a combo of recognition in the community, product credit, and/or digital gift cards.

We’ve had good luck using Tremendous for the latter. :+1: