Community is about...?

So I posted this on Twitter for inspiration:

Community is about...

— Rosie Sherry (@rosiesherry) March 22, 2022

And there are so many great answers…

  • being better together
  • Belonging. Having a community of people with similar passions, thoughts, or ideas helps you feel like you have somewhere you belong. It helps fill that missing tribal desire inside of us in an increasing isolated society
  • a place in life where you do get credit for participation!
  • fun, belonging, and growth :raised_hands:t3:
  • the people
  • a mutual desire and care to help each other out
  • common interests
  • shared purpose!
  • belonging
  • active listening
  • common interests and managing people!!
  • helping each other to become a better version of themselves
  • support, empathy, connection
  • togetherness & Empowerment :raised_hands: :heart:
  • growing together
  • people helping each other
  • rising together :handshake:
  • being there for each other
  • network connection between people
  • a safety “place” to be genuinely you and share what makes you unique!!
  • struggles
  • support
  • common goals and interests

Feel free to add to this list!


All of the above mentioned for sure!!!

–for me community is about “to be yourself truly ,and help others do the same”.

Thats where the feeling of “belonging” come from.


Community is about…

  • exploring possibilities to move humankind forward
  • welcoming people wherever and whoever they are
  • self-reflection and awareness
  • an intent to understand a common interest from multiple perspectives
  • challenging the status quo
  • lifting people up
  • stepping back and smiling at the joy and magic of co-creating with each other
  • acknowledging what a group of people can achieve with a good framework and space to explore