Community impact beyond the community

“Excited about your masterclass and the positive impact it’ll have on the testing community and beyond.”

The “and beyond” bit made me stop and reflect.

It’s something I just wrote in an email to a community member off the back of
a call discussing an idea for a masterclass they’ll run with the community I advocate for.

I reflect that as a community advocate and full-time community professional, I tend to focus so much on the community I advocate for that I forget about the customers of the community I’m advocating for. What happens beyond? :thinking:

In my context, it’s a community of practice for software testers (Ministry of Testing). So any learning opportunity for a community member has the potential to have a positive impact on the customers they are building products and services for. And this particular masterclass is on accessibility.

It’s a good reminder of the positive impact community can have far beyond the community.

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