Community Freelancer?

I am curious, is anyone a freelancer in the community space? And if yes, do you enjoy it more than working for a company? What are some pros and cons?


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Also, there’s a few here:

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In full transparency, I took 2 months off as I need to recharge and plan a pivot. I absolutely LOVE freelancing—I’ve been doing it for over 4 years (took a pause and revisited it less than 2 years ago) @emily1.

These are less of pros and cons because it’s super subjective and dependent on the individual.

Instead here are a few things I did differently this time around:

  • Connected with industry peers (championed them and asked for insight/support)

  • Built-in public: for my 1st year back I did weekly roundups via LinkedIn

  • Set my own intentions and goals that fitted me! You will see a lot of Twitter hot takes and I encourage you not to listen to the noise.

  • Acknowledging that everyone’s freelance path is different and that’s okay. Take what resonates and leave the rest!

  • Be open to pivoting in unconventional ways. I’ve done this in many ways, from having two sector niches to narrowing it down to one. To deciding to apply to full-time work for financial needs so I can be patient with targeting the clients I want.

I recommend that you wet your appetite first! Doing gigs here and there on the side until you build momentum!


Hey @ChauntelleLewis Thank you so much for this information! So interesting!

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I work in the community consulting space while also running my own community. I enjoy being able to work with a diverse range of brands and businesses but it isn’t particularly stable as marketing is always changing.

Fractional Chief Community Officers is a consideration as well: