Community Contests & Community Challenges

Hi all- I am looking to see if anyone can share some ideas that involve community contests or challenges they’ve used to promote engagement with community members.

We are curating a week long celebration this summer in our community with Special Guest AMA, Webinar Events, Community Scavenger Hunts, and an Avatar Challenge. I am hopeful that the many wonderful Community folks in the Village will help me to get some wheels turning on ideas.

Seeking: Community prompts or contest like ideas to require participation by users, we may offer random giveaways to encourage participation.

Community Audience: B2C Community filled with Older demographic who strongly dislikes our gamification badges. :grinning:

Thanks in advance!


Hi @brittanyc_nh,

The community I advocate for, Ministry of Testing, used to run a challenge series called “30 Days of …”

Here’s an archive of some of them to give you an idea of how they worked.

Each “30 Days …” were a handy checklist with a task to tick off each day. We encouraged discussion about the challenges across our various platforms, in particular our forum.

Folks still stumble across them even though we’re not actively promoting them. At some point we’ll revamp it and see how we might incorporate 30 Days into some of our bigger events.


Hi @simon_tomes Thanks for your thoughts and supplemental resource, I’ll take a look!