Community building is world building

I think I love community building because I can create worlds that make sense to me.

I can attract the kind of people that help me and those around us thrive.

I can live according to things that make sense to me.

Community is world building to me, and perhaps increasingly important in a world that often doesn’t make sense.

At least I can create good in my own ‘little land’.

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Ive always assumed my addiction to “world building” games is what keeps me coming back to Community.

Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, cities skyline. Heck, even Lego. I’m an addict for building stuff.

Community is no different, which is also why unlike most, I seem to really enjoy what I do :man_shrugging::partying_face:

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I agree, @rosiesherry, I see communities as a little slice of humanity. A cross-section.

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