Communities of Practice: State of the Nation Survey

Hi everyone - I’m running an anonymous survey to try and collect enough data to put together a ‘state of the nation’ type report on the use/adoption/value of Communities of Practice. I’m hoping that its going to show trends of approaches that are working, potential areas of growth and, hopefully, can act as a support for those trying to get buy in to set up new ones. Once its finished I will be looking to share the results far and wide :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t take long to fill in, usually about 15mins or so. Its also properly anonymous and avoids asking anything about who you may or may not work for besides the industry you work in. There is an option at the end for us to arrange a follow up call to discuss your answers or just communities of practice in general, but it isn’t mandatory if you don’t fancy it. If you could to a few mins to fill it in or even just share it with others who might have an interest in it I’d really appreciate it - thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Link to the survey -

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