Circle or Mighty Networks for a local community?

Yes, I want to start another community. :sweat_smile:

This one is for my local area, for home educators. The local FB group has slowly been dying out in favour of WhatsApp groups and it’s driving me insane. It’s hard to find anything going on. New people get overwhelmed and lost. And I personally just zone out.

It makes it very hard to connect with people.

I want something that has:

  • a great signup/launch page (maybe I hook it up to Burb’s Launch service?)
  • web based so it easy to point people to
  • events
  • channels/groups
  • ability to email easily

I don’t care for courses, which both these platforms pitch a fair chunk. But I may like to monetize aspects at some point in the future, or support some of the people within the community to make money / offer services.

I envision people connecting over things they are looking to help their kids with, events, specific location, identity type stuff (e.g. neurodiversity).

I’m edging towards Circle, but curious to hear your thoughts/experiences on this.

Overall, I like Circle’s platform a little better. Just simple, clean and easy to use. Almost like a stripped down Facebook.

Do you have an example of a Burb community’s signup page?

I’m about to launch my own very very simple Circle clone — but the “Database” for all the accounts and posts are actually in a single Airtable base.

I’m missing a few key components like a proper sign up page (the sign up flow works, it’s just janky as heck) and I’m trying to find some better examples to “learn from”.

It’s like 98% ready to share, hoping to finish it by EOW… :crazy_face: