Can you share your stats for your Slack DMs vs Channels?

Here’s a couple of screenshots on a couple of Slacks that I admin.

The first one is an established (many years) Slack.

The second one is a newer one (2 months, Indiependent).

I’d love to gather more data points, is anyone willing to share their Slack data?

Some responses here too:

Any way to include which of the messages are sent between members directly, and not to/from moderators/admins?

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Not from what I can see.

It shouldn’t be that hard to get an average of messages sent from admins/moderators to gain a rough overall picture though. Roughly count them and just subtract it off the total amount?

Right, let’s see if people share that.

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A couple of responses here - DMs in community Slacks are hugely underrated. Do you realise if - Rosie Sherry on LinkedIn

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