Best examples of learning-based communities/courses that have integrated learning + community?

Some that I’ve seen:

  • First Round’s fast track courses
  • C-School/Community Club
  • OnDeck

I’d love to know other examples that y’all have seen — it’s an intersection I’m really curious about right now!


Seth Godin’s altMBA is a good one


There’s some examples listed here now:

Who is working at the intersection of learning + community?

— Rosie Sherry 🌈 ☁️ (@rosiesherry) October 4, 2022

I’d also throw in Ministry of Testing - they do a conference, training courses, online sessions, a forum, a membership platform that holds a ton of content. All of it is working directly with the community.


This is exactly what Maven is doing w/ community-driven, live courses. :] Cofounded by Wes Kao, who built the altMBA w/ Seth Godin.


Some great examples by folks who really care:

…blerg, I can only put two links in a post. Will reply to myself with more.

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Biased as it’s Community I am a part of - We’re only 6 months into the journey, but we’re getting there. Academy is built on top of our Community. We’re slowly integrating it more and more, while building more functionality on top of it as we go.

We have courses, paths, coaching, events, etc. Very much been MVP but starting to get foundational work done so now we’re starting to focus on connecting the dots / better experience / figuring out how best our members can benefit as we keep growing.

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