AI generated notes for community sessions

I’ve just read about this tool: Superpowered

How do AI Notes work?

Superpowered transcribes your device audio during your meeting and uses the transcript to generate notes.

Do you record my meetings?

No, Superpowered doesn’t record your meetings. Audio is transcribed live and deleted immediately. Transcripts are stored for 7 days to give you time to generate notes before they are deleted.

Sounds too good to be true. And I imagine this could be a game changer. I’m always scrambling to take notes during a community session, whether it’s personal notes for me to write up a talk, webinar or audio-only event or if it’s group notes taken during an interactive session (like something you’d do with Butter).

I guess the only thing that would stop me from using it – without even trying it – is that it appears to only support common meeting platforms and not event/workshop platforms (like Butter, Crowdcast, LinkedIn Audio-Only events).

@rosiesherry, perhaps we could try it out during a future Rosieland Community Chat using Google Meet. :thinking:

Has anyone tried this tool or something similar?


I’m down for this! I’m hit and miss with hand generated notes atm.

It makes me wonder if something could be generated for (LinkedIn) audio spaces, there’s not integration for it with Superpowered, but maybe there is a way around it by having main speakers on Google Meet.