2023 Winter (un)conference

Hello Rosie Landers :slight_smile:

@Jill @marcduke @Ofon @SamanthaVenia and I just meet virtually and discussed the next Community Manager Unconference (@cmgr_unconf).

We’ve decided the following:

  • New date = January / February 2023 (hence new forum thread)
  • London venue = New Speak House again
  • Format = TBD, but probably unconference with lightning taps
  • Money = Already have £1,500 and should ask for contributions

@SamanthaVenia did an awesome job of starting a collaborative doc

We’re meeting again next Thursday and you’re welcome to join us.



Oh this sounds interesting!

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:rainbow: We have a mission statement:

Bring community people together to galvanize successes and share failure to solve our challenges.

I’ve also chatted with someone who might want to sponsor - thanks to @SamanthaVenia for putting them in touch.

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